Very Elegant Outdoor Event 25th Anniversary

This is a very special decoration to my heart was done for a very special couple celebrating their 25th

anniversary  and always full of love.  Done in the back yard of their home with a special lighting at night.

banner arellano

arellano 01as you can see the afternoon look and the night with our lighted centerpieces give it a very elegant

and romantic feel that everyone in the event enjoy. Who ever said a backyard event cant be elegant well

THIS IS THE PROOF………..arellano 02arellano 03arellano 04arellano 05arellano 06arellano 07arellano 09arellano 10arellano 11arellano 12

and the pastries who said every event has to be celebrated with cake when this can do too!!!!!
arellano 13arellano 08arellano 14arellano 15arellano 16

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